St Thomas Evangelical Church Of India Sharjah Parish


June 16,Sun, 2019

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About St Thomas Evangelical Church

The STECI was formed for the three cardinal principles of safeguarding the sound doctrine, living out an evangelical lifestyle or holy life, and for obeying the Great commission of the Master by evangelizing the Mother land India. When the church was formally launched on 26th January 1961, at Thymala near Tiruvalla, 25,000 believers stood up, […]


Worship Service | Every Friday | 09.30am To 11.30am

Holy Communion | Every 1st Friday | 09.30am To 11.30am

Worship Service (English) & Holy Communion | Every 3rd Friday | 09.30am To 11.30am

Youths Union at Parsonage | Every 1st Friday | 12.30pm To 03.30pm

Sevini Samajam at Parsonage | Every 3rd Friday | 03.00pm To 05.00pm

Prayer for Missionary Works | Every 3rd Sunday | 08.00pm To 10.00pm

Fasting Prayer at Parsonage | Every Tuesday | 08.00pm To 10.00pm

Prayer/Bible Study | 1st, 2nd, 4th&5th Sunday | 08.00pm To 10.00pm

Sunday school | Every Saturday | 08.30am To 10.30am

Cottage Prayer | Monthly on Area Wise

Prayer Meeting-Umm Al Quwain | Every Thursday | 07.30pm To 09.30pm

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Church Vicar Message

Dearly beloved, Our God is mighty to save us because He has endured death thereby sacrificing His own life for us. He knows all about our struggles. Are you suffering from financial stress? Are you struggling with sins? Are you facing a challenge in your relationship? Do you cry everyday saying, "My God, why have you forsaken me?" Be assured that our loving Lord Jesus is with you every single moment of your life. He will never ever leave you forsaken. He will come to you and help you in times of troubles. He, who has promised, will lead and

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Vision and Mission

STECI is a Reformed Evangelical Church. The cardinal convictions of the reformation, namely “that works cannot earn salvation that salvation is by grace alone received through faith, that nothing can add to the sole mediatorship of the cross of Christ and that Holy Scripture is the supreme authority in doctrine” are the convictions of STECI too. When the founders of STECI separated from the Marthoma Church in 1961, the MT Church was a well-established church. The STECI founders were ready to pay the price and suffer ridicule since they were convinced that they were following a vision and obeying a call from above. The three Cardinal principles for which STECI was launched

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Weekly Thoughts

Benefits and dangers of imagination: Imagination Can Be Used to Love God or to Reject Him “And you, my son

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Youth’s Union

Youth is not only the future, but God’s gift to the Church and society today. St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Sharjah parish has a good

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Sevini Samajam

The Sevini Samajam is an active organization of the St. Thomas Evangelical church Of India. It enables women to participate in the life and mission

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Sunday School

Sunday School is about discipleship, fellowship, and growing and learning about Christ. Sunday School is an essential disciple-making strategy of

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Prayer Groups

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where

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